Making the Final Cut - Caring for Your Kitchen Knives

Making the Final Cut - Caring for Your Kitchen Knives

A good set of knives are the benchmark for any serious kitchen. When you couple this staple kitchen item with your support for your favorite NFL, MLB, or NHL team, you have a legendary set of officially-licensed, stainless steel kitchen and steak knives by Sports Vault Home.

Unlike any other cutlery set, these knives feature vibrant team logos, colors, and insignia to ensure you pay homage to your favorite MLB, NFL, or NHL team every chance you get. These knives feature blades meticulously forged from high-quality stainless, and handles molded from ultra-strength polyurethane handles.

While the high quality materials ensure a long life, you can extend the winning streak in the kitchen by properly caring for your set. Use the following tips and best practices to ensure your set of knives dominate overtime and go the distance.  

Make the Perfect Cuts with the Right Cutting Board

Even though it may seem easier to quickly cut fruit directly on the countertop, this practice will destroy sharpness of your blade. Instead of using everything as a makeshift cutting board, it's best for your safety and knives to use the proper cutting board.

Plastic, bamboo, and wood are much better for your knives than other composite materials. Composite boards such as metal, glass, and stone can and will quickly destroy your knives.

Don't Get a Penalty Flag for Using the Dishwasher

First things first, it's never okay to toss your precious knives into the dishwasher. Similar to a minefield for knives, the barrage of water, heat, and detergent across the blades will cause them to dull quickly.

In addition to dulling your knives, dishwashers pose a unique hazard. It's far too easy for someone to unknowingly reach their hand into the dishwasher and injure themselves. One of the lesser considered hazards is the plastic dishwasher lining can be nicked by the knives, which can lead to expensive dishwasher damage.

Hand washing your knives only takes a few extra seconds and will extend the life of your cutlery into extra periods. Ensure your Woodrow NFL, MLB, or NHL knives go the distance by hand washing them after use.

Keep Skills and Knives Honed and Sharpened

One of the very first lessons culinary students learn is a dull knife is a dangerous knife. The danger can be attributed to the additional force required by a dull knife, which can result in the knife slipping and cutting you. Just as you must hone and sharpen your football, baseball, or hockey skills, it's imperative to hone and sharpen your knives on a regular


Honing straightens out the microscopic teeth on the knife that comprise the edge of the blade. Over time, the end of the knife has the tendency to bend to one side or the other. Honing steel can help realign the blade and keep it in the best possible cutting condition.


On the other hand, sharpening actually abrades tiny particles from the metal blade to recreate the blade. Sharpeners are available as manual or electric versions. In the electric versions, the knife is passed through a slot to ensure your abrading the edge at the right angle.

Clean Knives After Every Use

Once you have made your meal or devoured your New York Strip, it's best to clean your knives. Wash each knife individually while holding the knife so the top of blade is pointed away from your body. Instead of submerging the entire knife in dishwater, simply use a damp dishcloth to wipe the blade. If you're looking for a more aggressive clean, use a sponge instead of a dishcloth.

VIP Section or Skybox Seats for Your Knives

Similar to skybox seats at your favorite stadium or arena, your favorite set of knives are valuable enough to have a dedicated spot in your kitchen - not with the other kitchen utensils. Knife blocks or wooden blocks are excellent options if you do not have a dedicate drawer reserved for the set.

Most commercial kitchens use a large magnetic board, so the knives are available for quick access. If you have pets or small children, however, a magnetic board may not be the best solution. Regardless to where you store the knives, they shouldn't be stored with other flatware.

Order Your NFL, MLB, or NHL Officially Licensed Cutlery Set

Unlike any other flatware set or cutlery set, Woodrow's officially licensed knives are infused with unparalleled quality, craftsmanship, and team spirit. Ensure your pride for your favorite NHL, MLB, or NHL team continues to shine by taking the proper steps to care for your set.

If you haven't already gotten into the game, now is the perfect time. Show your support for your favorite NFL, MLB, or NHL team by ordering the Set of 5 Kitchen Knives or Set of 4 Steak Knives.


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