TSV Activate

TSV Activate, a division of The Sports Vault (TSV) specializes in the design, production and management of “Activation” programs for major events, Olympics, professional sports leagues, teams and their players.

Supported by the strength of TSV’s licenses, relationships and infrastructure – high quality Licensed Merchandise is the focus of the programs. 

High perceived value, limited time offer collectibles, primarily featuring individual player images are designed as continuity programs to build into complete sets. 

These exclusive programs are supported by innovative media partnerships, marketing and distribution models, which TSV Activate creates and executes to deliver value to all parties - the Fans, the Leagues, the Teams, the Players and the Sponsors.

TSV Activate  works with its partners to create ‘hot market’ programs that build upon the strong emotional attachment of the fans to their teams and sports heroes, reaching out from the stadiums and screen experiences, directly into the fans homes and lives.

For further information please contact;

Ruth Laurent-Kocher, Division President - TSV Activate at rkocher@thesportsvault.com